Hi gorgeous, I am really grateful you are here. 

My name is Emily Whitside, and I am here to support women to come back home to their innate worthiness, power, and availability to pleasure. I am devoting myself to helping women tap back into the innate joy and birthright that Pleasure is. I am here to guide you to step into your fullest, most turned-on life and existence. And I am so grateful you are here with me.

This is about becoming THE woman. 

The woman who not only has it all, but is it all. The woman who walks into the room and turns heads. The woman who magnetizes all of the energy towards her. She is a leader- in an easeful, emboided way. 

Reclaim your Sexual Energy + Magnetism to start creating the life, business, and relationships you dreamed of.

Heal your inner good girl, and create embodied and powerful self love, respect, truth, and expression.

Tap into Luxury, Abundance and your birthright of pleasure through embodiment, orgasmic manifestation, and more.

The truth is... I get it.

I was always the "shy girl"

The good girl.

The “you’re too nice” girl.

The insecurity I held, the fear inside of my body was so strong at times I felt like no one saw me. I felt invisible.

When I started my brand, I did everything I could to fit in.

I put the embodiment pieces last, the pleasure last...

And focused on the doing.

My “good girl” energy felt great because she did as she was told. My insecurity lessened because I was doing what everyone else was doing.

But then, I realized fitting in means blending in.

I didn’t really have a brand, because I was too afraid to be seen. I had a service. A service many others provided. A service that was sold from lack.

I didn’t know “how” to be bold. I didn’t know “how” to stand out.

But I realized I already had IT.

The moment I decided I would be RICH by being no one else except ME, was when it all began to change.

It’s time to be seen.

It’s time to lead with your sex energy.

It’s time to be all of you.

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Pleasure and Luxury is your birthright.

And I am here to guide you to your next level life through more ease, more pleasure and more magnetism. When you live a fully turned on life, utilyze your innate wisdom and pussy magic - your lfie starts to elevate in ways you have deeply desired for so long... 

Your success is inevitable. It is pre-written. And it doesn't have to feel so hard, exhausting, or disconnected. 

It's time to come home to your body, and reconnect to your play, pleasure, and potentiality. 

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